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Technical assistance to the Site Management for the Taxiing Ways Link 09-27 at Federico García Lorca Airport. Granada – Jaén






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2007 - 2008


Business areas and services / Transport Infrastructure / Airports

Business areas and services

This action is included in the Infrastructure Strategic Plan 2005-2020, approved by the Ministry of Public Works. Due to Granada airport's activity growth in recent years, as well as the need to adapt its existing infrastructures, AENA planned a series of actions to expand the Movement Area and the Passenger Terminal, aiming to avoid saturation of the airfield.


The works carried out consist in the extension of the taxiways parallel to the existing tracks and their connection with both runway heads 09 and 27, as well as both holding/racetracks. To achieve this, the axes of the current parallel taxiways (617.54 meters towards head 27 and 617.43 meters towards head 09) are extended while maintaining the same separation with the axis of the runway, until reaching the points where this axis unfolds, allowing two runway entries per head.


A holding point is available in each head, located 90 meters away from the runway's axis. The holding/racetracks allow for parking of aircrafts up to category D, which can be overtaken by other aircrafts up to category E, so that they can occupy a position farther from the Platform or Terminal.


 All the new surface generated has been constructed with flexible pavement, appropriately dimensioned to withstand the air traffic demands.


The resistant pavement areas of the holding/racetracks also have an anti-fuel treatment, which protects them from any fuel spills that may occur.


 The project also includes the modification of the horizontal and vertical signaling, as well as the beaconing, to provide appropriate visual aid to the pilot.


 Likewise, the drainage systems and supply areas are changed in these new areas, for which the current drainage system is adapted and the new paved areas are provided with a new underground drainage system, similar in configuration to the existing one.


As a result of these actions, the perimeter road is diverted, so that it runs alongside the new holding/racetracks, while keeping the required safety distances so as not to interfere in the event that an aircraft category E may run on the outer way of the



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