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Construction project: SE-40 Motorway. Southwest Sector. Section: 6: Almensilla (SE-648) - Espartinas (A-49)








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MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS AND TRANSPORT State Roads Department in Western Andalucía


Roads & higways


€92,792,817 (P.B.L.)

2006 – 2008


Business areas and services

Business areas and services / Transport Infrastructure / Roads & higways

The purpose of the projected works is to build a 7.7 km section of the future Seville bypass road, SE-40, between the A-8054 road from Palomares del Río to Almensilla (formerly SE-648), owned by the autonomous region, and the state-owned A-49 highway from Seville to Huelva, in the municipality of Espartinas.


 Most of the route runs over the wide riverbed along the Arroyo del Repudio's stream and on some areas of soft topography, with slopes and leveled terrain of average height, generally below 10 m, except at the slope situated before the A-49 highway crossing, where it reaches 15 m high.


The section's key feature is its connection to the A-49 highway from Seville to Huelva. The traffic assessment shows that much of the traffic passing through the main SE-40 road from or to the South is directed or comes from the A-49 highway. This is indicated by the ADT, which in the year of commissioning measured 33,670 vpd in the A-49 - Almensilla sub-section and 18,041 vpd in the A-49 - Valencina.


The design included an interchange with the A-49, of partial cloverleaf type, with 4 directional and 2 semi-directional ramps and 2 loops. This led to the definition of a series of collector roads on the A-49 from Gines-Bormujos link (A-49 km point 6.3) to Umbrete link (A-49 km point 11.5).


 The standard main section consists of a double carriageway, separated by a 10 m wide median, with 3 lanes of 3.50 m in each direction, and outer and inner shoulders of 2.5 m and 1 m respectively in each one.


 The traffic category on the year of commissioning is T1, so a 132 section is adopted, made up of 20 cm of hot bituminous mixture on 20 cm of cement floor.


 To resolve the transverse drainage, it has been necessary to design 13 drainage works in the main trunk and 10 in branches and restoring of roads, with dimensions ranging from 2.5x2.5 (minimum dimension in compliance with section 8 of DIA) to 8x5.5, which have been dimensioned for a return period of 500 years, as required by the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation.


A crossing structure has been designed over the A-49 and its collector roads, with 6 spans of 20 m. The total length is about 120 m, with a deck of precast concrete box beams (to minimize traffic disturbance during construction).


 In addition, the design included 14 overpasses and 10 underpasses in order to restore various paths, branches linking the A-49 and A-474 roads.


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