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Consultancy and Technical Assistance for the Blueprint Drafting and Execution Project for the Office Building in Centro Integral de Mercancías in El Ejido

Office building project of El Ejido C.I.M.






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Centro Integral de Mercancías de

El Ejido S.A.







Business areas and services

The Office Building is the emblematic building in Centro Integral de Mercancías, El Ejido, and is configured to be the Center's headquarters.


It is an open building with a square floor plan, 31.80 x 31.80 m in size, located in the center of a 2,941.90 m² plot.


The building has two opposite entrances, the main one facing south, and a central nucleus for elevators and common services.


The offices and headquarters of the companies are arranged along the perimeter, occupying the building's facades.


The five floors of the building have a different distribution. In the lower and first floors, the surface of the entrance hall and central area is larger than those of the upper floors, given they are the building's entrance and representative areas. This space, on the two floors indicated, is intercommunicated with a circular double-height inner courtyard, which receives natural light from the second floor, as well as zenithal light from the inner courtyard that occupies half the surface.


The common areas in all the floors are arranged around a central core, composed

by the elevators, facility rooms and toilets, as well as stairs, which are protected in their own enclosure.


Due to its location, very visible from the A-7 motorway, the building has been formally designed with a round architectural shape, with a square and symmetrical floor plan and a uniform treatment for all floors and facades.


The entrances have been emphasized, specially the ones facing south, with a double height portico or atrium, due to them facing directly the roundabout that gives access

to the CIM, and using a morphology of sliding windows on the facades, while giving different treatment to unique elements of the building, such as corners, ground and roof floors, and entrances. For this purpose, the corners have been designed by joining several central floors, setting back the ground floor with respect to the higher ones, leaving the pillars structure free on its enclosure front side, finishing the building with a pergola

on the roof deck, and emphasizing the south and north entrances with

overhanging elements.


The total constructed area is 5,520.74 m² and the occupation of the building within the plot is 1,162.28 m², which means 39.51% of the total plot area.


The building is finished with modern facilities, highlighting the air conditioning system, centralized but with individual control modules, and the centralized telecommunications facility that provides a powerful voice and data service to all the building's areas.


URCI CONSULTORES, S.L has collaborated with Centro Integral de Mercancías de El Ejido, S.A. in drafting this project.


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