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Site management of the Sports Stadium and Athletics Track for the Mediterranean Games 2005, Almería






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Almería City Council


Sport equipments



2002 - 2004


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The Stadium of the Mediterranean Games is the emblematic sports facility of the XV Mediterranean Games Almería 2005, celebrated in Almería in the summer of 2005.


Promoted by the Almería City Council, it was constructed under the Project and Construction tender model by Ferrovial.


It consists of eight race track lanes equipped with its synthetic pavement of red stabilized polyisoprene rubber. The lanes are attached to the central rectangle of natural grass with dimensions suitable for high level competition football and other large

field sports.


Outside the racing tracks, a space is available to accommodate the lanes and pits for jumps and allow group, security and informative activities.


The central field and tracks level has been projected below the natural terrain, in depression, obtaining a significant protection against the wind.


The stands are made of prefabricated concrete, of ellipsoid design to facilitate the view. The whole seating, 15,000 spectators, is composed of seats that begin at a higher level than the tracks.


Accesses are organized in three levels:


  • Level 0: access to the tracks, fitted with large gates that allow vehicles to enter.
  • Level 1: isolated for authorities and media staff.
  • Level 2: for the entire perimeter through which the general public can access.


Architectural barriers have been eliminated in all accesses.


As a whole, the modern appearance emphasizes the criteria of comfort and functionality. The roof gives an appearance of unity to the Stadium, which is perceived as a single piece and of simple geometric form.


The predominantly horizontal guidelines of all interior and exterior design contrast with the verticality of the four lighting towers flanking the four access gates to the tracks.


The Stadium facilities are designed so that they can attend the most important moments of the Mediterranean Games, the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as different sports and non sport-related activities.


Special attention has been given to the media area, provided with equipped booths, mixed areas, air-conditioned media rooms and stands.


Finally, the design and engineering of the Stadium contain measures that combine functionality with environmental respect and energy and water saving, such as:

Stadium depression to minimize the impact on landscape.


  • Solar energy installation for a significant percentage of domestic hot water heating.
  • Recovery of irrigation water and rainwater for reuse in irrigation.
  • Absence of fuel storage and boilers, since climate control and water heating (not produced by solar energy) is provided by a heat pump system.
  • Saving devices (timers) in faucets and toilets.


URCI CONSULTORES, S.L has collaborated with the Almería City Council in managing the works for this Stadium.



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