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Consultancy and Technical Assistance for the Control of the platform works of the High-Speed Córdoba - Málaga Railway Line. Section: Bobadilla station - Northern portal of Gobantes tunnel







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Gestor de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias GIF





2002 - 2005


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Business areas and services / Transport Infrastructure / Railways

This action forms part of the 2000-2007 Infrastructure Plan approved by the Ministry of Public Works, which includes the Andalusia Corridor and connects Malaga through the High-Speed railway line Madrid-Córdoba-Seville.


The executed works include a new track layout with a dual electrified railway track, for the railway platform of the high-speed railway line between Cordoba and Malaga, promoted by the Ministry of Public Works and managed by GIF. The section starts in the vicinity of Bobadilla town and ends at the northern portal of Gobantes tunnel. The total length is 5,400 m (from km point 700+000 to 705+400), and runs through the Antequera municipality in its entirety, province of Malaga.


The standard section is characterized by a total platform width (measured on the sub-ballast upper side) of 14 m, a track 1.435 m wide and 4.70 m inter-axis.


It is worth noting the construction of a singular structure: the Guadalhorce Viaduct, formed by a hyperstatic deck of 17 spans, with a total of 475 m span between buttresses. This structure crosses over the MA-438 road and the Guadalhorce river, from north to south. The deck is a continuous post-stressed slab of concrete with spans between 20 and 45 m. In order to bridge the bigger spans, the concrete slab is of variable section. The construction process was carried out in phases, advancing span by span, formworks by conventional falsework, starting from a central span located between piles 7 and 8, so the viaduct is built towards both buttresses. Despite being of great length, the viaduct is calculated so that it is anchored in one of the two buttresses. Thus, the fixed point is materialized in buttress 1, great in dimension so as to support the railway braking. The foundation is deep with piles of 1.50 m in diameter.


In addition, 7 other structures have been implemented in the section, which are as follows:

  • 2 railway bridges or small viaducts.
  • 1 railroad overpass.
  • 3 railroad underpasses.
  • 1 overpass over the Tajo de los Yesos stream.

Railway bridges, km point 701+700 and 705+000. The two bridges are solved by means of simple solutions, with isostatic decks made of prefabricated box beams, one under each track, and concrete slab cast on site.


Railroad overpass that allows a path to cross over the railway. Therefore, it has a 6 m roadway and 1.1 m sidewalks with barriers. The section has a total length of 8.20 m.



Railroad underpasses for closed frame paths.


Overpass over the Tajo de los Yesos stream, whose structure consists of a prefabricated frame with 2x2.5 inner span.


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