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Bussiness areas and services

Throughout its business history, URCI has worked in a long list of projects in different business areas, including the most relevant sectors to a country's development and modernization.


URCI has gained invaluable experience in areas such as Transport Infrastructure, Water and Environment, Transport and urban planning, Construction and Building, and Industry and Energy.


In each of these business areas, URCI works in a variety of action fields and develops highly specialized services, with the best professionals in the market.


In civil engineering services, URCI carries out studies (feasibility, informative, preliminary plans and construction projects), site supervision (site management, control and supervision and quality control) and other related services (expropriation management, inspections of public works concessions, etc). It also performs environmental studies, such as environmental impact assessments, hydrological restorations, wastewater treatment and environmental management services, as well as spatial and urban planning studies, both general and developmental.


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